Welcome to ICT Luxembourg

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We are the European mainland extension of ICT-UK, which offers INTERNET solutions since 2008. We are providing the following services:

  • ICT LuxembourgDomain (Click to see more) and Trademark registration, worldwide
  • Managed Domain Pools as Investment via tokenisation
  • Offshore Domains and offshore Hosting in selected countries
  • Development of software, including apps for mobile devices
  • Development of software around crypto currencies like bitcoin and alt-coins
  • Certificates, paperless and instant, as well as fully fledged corporate certs
  • Special services like VPS, VPN, shell accounts on selected jurisdictions
  • Special programs for SEO and SMO worldwide

We are specialized in geo-arbitraged solutions, that means we find the best internet location for your endeavor, beyond censorship and oppression. We maintain server racks in various countries, among them Luxembourg, Korea, USA, Panama, Hong Kong, Netherlands, etc.

You can have shell accounts, VPN’s, dedicated servers, VPS remote desktops, cloud storage, etc. To ensure safety we use hardened kernels (grsecurity) on all our server boxes.

Also, we proudly accept alternate payment forms (besides paypal and bank wires) like:bitcoinaccepted

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Z-Cash
  • mailed-in cash for privacy seekers


Please contact us if you have questions or can’t find here what you are looking for. We are highly personal and will reply within 24 hours.